Contact Hacker Airwaves Hacker Airwaves FM 87.7 is wanting to hear from you! We appreciate all of your feedback and concerns about our radio station, and would love to hear your thoughts. If you have any thoughts you'd like to share or questions to ask, we're easy to contact.

For all general inquiry regarding Hacker Airwaves FM 87.7, please email
We are seeking fresh new music to add to our playlists! We want to hear your band!

If your submission is already a digital file (MP3, M4A, etc. - 256 kbps or better) you can attach it to an email and send it directly to Hacker Airwaves. If the submission is physical (CD, cassette, etc.) please email us.

In your email, please include a good-sized biography, just enough so that we know a little more about you, and also include a track listing - point out which tracks you feel are your strongest, if you want. Music submitted must be properly edited for broadcast, including the exclusion of defamatory, profane, indecent, or obscene material and themes.

Once the content is recieved it may be rebroadcasted in any manner without further compensation to the submitter and we are under no obligations to stream or use submitted content. If you need your content removed for whatever reason, please email us. Removal will be decided on a case by case scenario, but is ultimately the decision of Hacker Airwaves.
Support Hacker Airwaves As an independent local radio station free of commercial interruption, Hacker Airwaves is listener supported.

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Your support will help to ensure community-based programming continues to be a part of your life and is very appreciated!